How to start the day right with a rich breakfast buffet with sea view

To fully perceive our breakfast sight is not enough: you also need the sense of smell and touch. Pictures tell you a lot, but they do not let you smell the scent of freshly baked sweets, from cakes to pies.
Perhaps you will be lucky enough to sense the aroma of a pancake or a crêpe cooking on a hotplate.

The possibility of gathering honey directly from the honeycomb with your teaspoon will amaze you. The nectar that bees laboriously have made is preservative free, since it is not processed by human hands.

Breakfast at Savoia Hotel is different, unique and special.

From spring to autumn you will be able to get comfortable on our terrace, let the beauty of the sea enchant you, enjoy the sea view and start the day on the right foot.
During peak season our confectioner Serena will delight you with a show cooking, during which she will prepare on the spot delicious:
  • Cakes
  • Pancakes
  • Waffles
  • Biscuits
  • Pies
  • Omelettes of every kind and flavour
  • Cold cuts and salami
  • Piadina
  • Crêpes sweet and savoury
Breakfast is served as buffet in Sala Ostro, on our sea-view terrace and our city-view terrace.

Our coffee bar is always able to provide you with a nice espresso and you will have the chance to taste high quality coffee, served by a courteous and smiling staff.

How can we forget about our eggs and about the amount of diverse omelettes we can prepare you?


  • Fresh orange juice
  • 2 recipes for blended fruit juices (Green&Depurative- Celery, Ginger, Cucumber, Kiwi; Orange Energy Boost- Carrot, Pineapple, Orange, Lemon;)
  • Yogurt with muesli
  • Cereals
  • Fresh and seasonal fruit
Savoury Treats
  • Scrambled eggs
  • Sunnyside eggs
  • Variety of fresh salads
  • Assorted selection of cheeses of the territory (Caciotta Tartufata, Squaquerone di San Patrignano, Ricotta Fresca, Pecorino Stagionato, Caciotta alle Noci)
  • Selection of cold cuts and salami of the territory (Salame del Montefeltro, Prosciutto Crudo di Parma, Turkey white meat, Bresaola, delicate Ham)
  • Savoury Plumcake
  • Savoury Pies
  • Savoury ring-shaped cake (savoury ciambella)
Traditional and French Pastry made by our confectioner Serena
  • Torta della nonna (a traditional pie made with pastry cream and pine nuts)
  • Banana cake
  • Cheesecake
  • Chocolate Pear Pie
  • Ciambella romagnola
  • Green Matcha Tea Cake
  • Bread Cake
  • Buckwheat Cake
  • Caprese Cake (made with soft chocolate)
  • Marmalade Pie enriched with rosemary and berries
  • Linzer Cake (made with almond flour)
  • Nut-based Cake
  • Apple Pie
  • Ring-shaped cake made with spelt flour
  • Cling Peaches Cake
  • Brownies and Greenies made with pine nuts and Matcha Tea
  • Chocolate Plumcake
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