Savoia Spa’s Fidelity Card

Exclusivity and Wellness: Discover the Savoia Spa loyalty program

Welcome to the Savoia Spa Fidelity Program!

Our loyalty program was created with you in mind, with the goal of making your every moment of wellness, every treatment and every moment of relaxation even more extraordinary.

The Benefits of Joining the Fidelity Program:

  • Cashback on Every Purchase: Accumulate benefits with our cashback program on every purchase. The more you devote to wellness, the more you receive in return.
  • Digital Fidelity Card for Quick Access: Sign up for our program and download your digital Fidelity Card directly to your device. Access your favorite benefits with a simple tap.
  • Exclusive Offers and Rewards for All Members: Stay up-to-date on special events, new treatments and exclusive offers reserved only for members of our loyalty program.


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  • The Digital and Personal Fidelity Card.
  • The Fidelity Card is a digital and strictly personal service. To acquire it, you must register and save it in the Wallet of your smartphone.
  • Use of the Fidelity Card is restricted to the Cardholder, requiring its presentation at the time of payment.
  • Accumulation of Points: Cardholders can accumulate points (1 point = €1) through list price purchases of products, spa services, massages, and treatments, earning 10% in points over the amount spent.
  • Promo and special offers will be charged at 5%, except in cases of specific promotions.
  • Use of Points: Points earned can be used to pay for services, with a minimum cashback of 10 points.
  • Purchase of Cosmetic Products. The purchase of cosmetic products allows the accumulation of cashback (see point 4), but the related cashback cannot be used.
  • Presentation of Fidelity Card:Failure to present the Fidelity Card at the time of payment will result in the inability to make any point loading or unloading transactions.
  • Variations and Updates:Management reserves the right to make changes to these rules and regulations by notifying the Holders of such changes.
  • Conclusion:Membership in the Fidelity Card program implies full acceptance of these regulations.
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