Application of nail lacquer
nail polishing with trendy colors
Application of gel color
semi-permanent nail polishing lasting 2/3 weeks
Manicure express
traditional manicure with nail polish
Manicure wellness spa
manicure with anti-age treatment and nail polish
Hand gel cover
Gel cover for those wanting a different shape from theirs, for those having frail nails or all who simply want to lengthen them
Pedicure express
Traditional pedicure with nail polish
Pedicure wellness spa
Traditional pedicure with softening and exfoliating treatment with nail polishing
Face and body waxing
Waxing with traditional honey wax for a skin free of unwanted hair. Epilation may also be performed with sugar dough.


Eastern gem
A pinch of vitality and youth to your face and décolletage A powerful synergy between precious natural active principles and efficiently counter the signs of ageing reshaping face
Fantastic touch
Facial exfoliation for a radiant skin Treatment with last-generation gel made of natural alpha-poli-hydroxy acids in synergy with Tamarind, Limonia and Kaffir Lime make the skin immediately smoother, polished, tonic and bright.


Pink wave
Himalayan exfoliation Pink Wave Himalayan treatment enriched with a mix of pure essential oils. It is a 200-million-year-old fossil sea salt containing more than 80 100% pure mineral salts and trace elements recognized by the body.
It eliminates, purifies and tones with windings Toning and Draining Treatment with a mix of 100% natural active principles. Recommended for skin relaxation and the retention of stagnating liquids.
Cellulite control
For a skinny and tonic body Mix of 100% natural active principles. Recommended for adipose and fibrous cellulite imperfections. It contributes to the elimination of toxins and efficiently counters the “orange-peel” effect”-
Dobble Savoia
Relaxing massage for couples Our double circle cabin with chromo therapy hosts couplet for a moment of wellness to be shared.


Vitality line
It relaxes the body and brightens the face – 80-minute face treatment and another one to relax and detoxify the body in a sole moment.
New Skin
For a firm and reinvigorated skin – 80-minute treatment to reinvigorate and help the skin change cells, a key habit for the body and face



Ayurvedic classic massage
It harmonizes the body and mind The ayurvedic massage was born in India almost 5000 years ago, like the holistic technique to keep the body healthy by stimulating the organism’s energy points, the so-called chakras.
Small bags with medicinal herbs The Pinda treatment uses small bags full of natural beneficial and dried herbs. Pinda treatments create a warm-humid action, excellent to pacify and rebalance doshas
Massage with black and warm sesame oil The specific massage with warm oils to rebalance dosha vata , a treatment acting on the whole body. Specifically, oils lubricate and reinforce muscles and joints fortifying and toning tissues and nurturing the skin making it brighter.

Plantar reflexology
It stimulates the Energy of the organs This technique was created in China in around 2800 B.C. The foot is strictly related to the whole human body to regain balance and wellness.
Back&feet reflexology
It rebalances and gives energy Plantar reflexology combined, for a quicker and targeted action, to manual techniques on the back metameres corresponding to the organs.
Cupping massage
Loosening and draining Cupping is an ancient therapeutic technique belonging to Chinese traditional medicine. It involves the use of some mini cups which have to adhere to the skin on certain points to loosen and stimulate the body.
Tui-na massage
It rebalances the body through meridians Massage involving the manipulation and digipressure integrated with complementary techniques restoring a correct Energy circulation in the body’s strategic points. It fosters relaxation.

Body&face stone massage
Antioxidant and draining Massage performed with basalt and volcanic stones heated in water, excellent to relax muscles and rebalance posture.
Sports massage
Pre and after-competition Manual technique to prepare muscles to a sport competition or after a competition to relax and loosen the muscles, it is normally done before and after a sports competition as it holds a double function.
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