Rimini hills excursion with power-assisted bikes

Rimini hills excursion with power-assisted bikes

How to climb up hills like a pro even if you are not trained

This may sound like a nonsensical statement. I know.
But let me tell you a secret.
We just made an agreement with Paolo of the Rimini Bike Tour Company. 
What is it about? 
Paolo owns power-assisted bikes for mountain excursions.
Following pictures will better explain my words 

It is such a great feeling.
With this bike ride through fields you will discover our hills have nothing less than Tuscany ones. 

You will be able to do it with no strain even if you are not trained.
You would be able to make this ride with a normal bike only if you trained 3 times a week for 3 hours.
I guess you know it is almost impossible for 90% of people of the world. 
These bikes are not electric, they are power-assisted. 
You enjoy the pleasure of a ride but with no strain. 
You will feel yourself like a professional athlete and you will discover amazing landscapes around our region. 
The excursion can be made in groups, it lasts around 2/3 hours. 
How much does it cost?
Half day bike rent  € 30,00
Full day bike rent   € 39,00 
Half day guide fee  €. 65,00 
Full day guide fee  € 120,00 

Guide fee will be shared equally among participants.
8 people max for each guide.

3 topic reasons for choosing this offer

🔥 Feeling yourself like an athlete even if you are not trained
🔥 Discovering wonderful landscapes

Amazing and unconventional experience

At this point you have no choice but to book this offer

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