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Offer - Half Board in 4* Savoia Hotel in Rimini

Offer - Half Board in 4* Savoia Hotel in Rimini

If you are looking for Half Board formula but would like to eat at a gourmet restaurant

Hotel restaurants have bad reputation, everybody thinks what you eat in an hotel is always lower quality food compared to real restaurant one.
Let me explain you why at Savoia Hotel you can choose the half board but at same time have your meals at a gourmet restaurant like Amorimini.
If you have read our restaurant tab, you know Amorimini is a proper restaurant, opened to the public.

It is a well-known restaurant in town, famous because of certain features:

🌟A stylish open kitchen
🌟Rich wine cellar
🌟Only local products in the menu

With the HB you will have 3 course menu with choice from a la carte menu ( pasta, main dish and dessert or entree, pasta and dessert or entree, main dish and dessert). 2 courses for children.
Now you know this is something you will not find in other hotels in Rimini.

In this offer beach services are included too: 1 sunbrella + 2 sunbeds at Dolcevita Beach nr. 34 where your children will have fun at the miniclub while you chill out.

18,00 euro daily added value.

3 topic reasons for choosing this offer

🔥 3 course dinner with choice from a la carte menu at Amorimini restaurant
🔥 1 sunbrella + 2 sunbeds at Dolcevita Beach nr. 34

Kids' entertainment at the beach

At this point you have no choice but to book

BOOK NOW See you in Rimini
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