Offer - Beach Services included in your room bill at 4* Savoia Hotel Rimini

Offer - Beach Services included in your room bill at 4* Savoia Hotel Rimini

Discover why our beach services will give you double space and 40% more shade than others

Following you can find why at Savoia Hotel Beach you have more space to relax on your sunbed and 40% more shade.

Our beach umbrellas are bigger!

Don’t you believe it?

Take a look at this picture to find out differences between our beach and others.

White beach umbrellas are at our Dolcevita beach n. 34.

Beige beach umbrellas are at the beach next to ours (an example that could represent every beach in Rimini.

White beach umbrellas are 2 and a half mt. wide.

Beige ones only 2 mt.

White beach umbrellas are arranged at 5 mt. from one another.

Beige ones at 2 and a half mt.

At Dolcevita Beach you have more space and more shade.

Here is the difference of spending your holiday at the beach here or at another place.

Have I mentioned how unique this beach is?

You will have your privacy and you will not have to hear others’ conversations and babies crying.

But from the picture you can see that as you get closer to the seashore the umbrellas are closer to one another.

That is true. That is the VIP area, called ‘’Le Punte’’ (The Tips).

For booking your beach services at ‘’Le Punte’’ is required a daily extra of €10,00 (plus €20,00 daily for the standard beach services).

Our standard packages include beach services (1 beach umbrella+2 beach loungers) at the area where you see the 3 umbrella lines.
There are the 3 options we offer you:

  • B&B + Beach Services (1 sunbrella + 2 sunbeds) BOOK NOW
  • Half Board + Beach Services (1 sunbrella + 2 sunbeds) BOOK NOW
  • Full Board + Beach Services (1 sunbrella + 2 sunbeds) BOOK NOW
You find them on our website and the price is cheaper than any others you may find on, Expedia and Hotels.

Believe it or not, our beach gives you a more comfortable holiday and lets you keep your privacy.

Furthermore, from this summer there is an entertainment team that organizes activities for children,
teenagers and adults too.

They will plan activities along all beaches, all moderate and pleasant.

At this point you have no choice but to book.

See you at the beach n. 34

3 topic reasons for booking this offer

🔥 More space between beach unbrellas at Dolcevita Beach nr. 34
🔥 2 mt. and half wide sunbrellas

Entertainment during whole day

At this point you have no choice but to book.

BOOK NOW   See you at the beach nr. 34.​

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