Everything you need to know to enjoy your stay at Savoia Hotel

Everything you need to know to enjoy your stay at Savoia Hotel

Read our FAQ – Frequently asked questions from Savoia Hotel Guests

Following our guests questions: you may find the answers you are looking for.
We remain at your disposal for any further information.
You can contact us writing to info@savoiahotelrimini.com or by phone, calling +39 0541396600
What is the check-in time?
Usual check-in is at 2:00 p.m.
Earlier check-in is based on availability, patterns for our departing guests vary daily. With this in mind, in the event your room is available and fully serviced by our housekeeping department, we will be glad to give you your keys as soon as possible, even in the morning, as we do not like to make you waiting.
What is the check-out time?
You will need to leave your room within 12:00 a.m.
Does the hotel provide parking lot?
We have a private garage with 90 parking lots at -3 floor of the hotel.
Access is from Lungomare Murri Street.
You can reach the parking directly from your room using the elevator.
It costs 20 euro per day.
We suggest you to reserve your parking lot when you book your room.
Is Spa access included in the rate?
Yes, it is. Booking your overnight, on our website or by calling, you have Spa access included.
In your room you will find bathrobe and slippers.
To assure your access, book your schedule in advance or at your arrival.
Why do I need to book my access schedule at the Spa?
This way we avoid crowd and you are able to enjoy your relaxing time.
How long does the Spa access last?
Your Spa access lasts 2 hours max. per day 
Are children allowed in Spa?
Children have access to our Spa at morning 9-11 p.m. Reservation is required.
Does the hotel have a fitness room?
Yes, we do have a cardiofitness room at -1 floor. 24 h open.
What time do you serve breakfast?
We serve breakfast 7-10.30 a.m. in Ostro Room at 1° floor
What kind of breakfast is served?
We serve a buffet breakfast. Follow this link for more details
Does breakfast provide lactose/gluten free products?
Yes, on breakfast buffet you will find a dedicated area to this kind of products
Is you restaurant Amorimini all year open?
Yes, Amorimini restaurant is all year open: 12.30-2.30 p.m. for lunch and 07.30-11.30 p.m. for dinner.
What kind of food will be served at Amorimini restaurant?
Amorimini restaurant, located in the lobby, is a regional restaurant serving food ( fish and meat ) from Emilia Romagna best producers such as

Molino Ronci organic flours, extra virgin oil from Sapigni Verucchio and fish from the central market of Rimini.
Moreover, the open-kitchen will offer you the chance to watch how our team of chefs works.
If you are a wine lover, you can choose one of the bottles from the huge wine cellar to delight your senses.
You can even decide to enjoy your gourmet dinner together with fine wine directly in your room, thanks to our room service.
What about Half Board and Full Board service?
Our Half/Full Board service is really unique and unusual.
You will choose 3 courses from a la carte menu (either pasta, main dish and dessert or starter, pasta and dessert or starter, main dish and dessert).
Children choose 2 courses.
Lunch is served 12.30-02.30 p.m., Dinner 07.30-09.00 p.m. (we suggest to arrive early)
Are beverages included in the rate?
No, beverages are not included.

Are Pets allowed at Savoia Hotel?
Yes, pets are allowed but only in room.
They are not allowed in public areas such as restaurant, pool terrace, and Spa. They are allowed in lobby, with leash or carrier bags. In our breakfast room we assign an area for guests with pets in winter and the two terraces in summer.
Is pool access included in the rate?
Yes, our pool terrace is open during summer and all our guests have free access. It is open from 9 a.m. to 7.00 p.m.
Do you provide bicycles?
Yes, you can use our vintage bikes ( also with child seat ) for free. You can also rent our electric bikes: 5 euro/2 hours, 20 euro/full day.
Take the chance to explore Rimini through its wide bike path, you will discover an amazing historical center and its monuments.
Do you provide beach services?
Staying at Savoia Hotel you will enjoy Dolcevita Beach nr. 34 services. As showed in picture, Dolcevita is very different from other beaches: at Dolcevita sunbrellas are arranged at 5 mt. from one another, this means more privacy and space for you.
ONLY on our website you will find beach packages.
You can also book additional sunbrellas and sunbeds.
If you do not book your beach package in advance, you can do it at arrival. It costs 16 euro (instead of 18 euro) per day and it includes 1 sunbrella + 2 sunbeds.

If I book beach services, which one will be my sunbrella?
Booking beach services, your sunbrella will be one of those you see in the blue area
May I book a sunbrella on the first line or at least closer to the seashore?
Yes, you can book the Top beach package: this way you sunbrella will be in the orange area
Do I need to take beach towels with me?
No, you do not need to. You can ask for beach towels at our reception, we will provide you a voucher to collect them directly at the beach.

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